Heat Pipes & Assemblies

Heat pipes are passive, two-phase heat transfer devices that offer highly effective thermal conductivity where more cooling is required than standard air-cooled heat sinks can provide. A heat pipe consists of an evacuated and sealed metal, round or flatten tube that contains a wick lining and a fluid (high purity water or alcohol). When in contact with heat the fluid evaporates, and as it moves to a cooler section of the pipe, the fluid condenses. The fluid is moved by capillary action from the wick lining and/or by gravity. Heat pipes and assemblies provide long life and are maintenance free.


  • Available diameters are from 3 mm up to 25 mm with any size length
  • Surface coatings for heat pipes are available in nickel, tin, or clear
  • Heat pipes are effective in temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +275°C

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