Liquid Cooled


Liquid cooled exposed and buried tube cooled plates provide high-performance cooling in a smaller system. Copper, copper-nickel, or stainless steel tubes are pressed into proprietary channels in an aluminum plate. Our thermal epoxy is applied around the tube to provide optimal thermal transfer. The cold plates work by transferring heat from the device to the liquid in the tube which is then moved through the closed loop system and the heat is dissipated.

  • With an exposed tube liquid cold plate the coolant tube is in direct contact with. the device, providing minimal thermal resistance and increased performance.
  • A buried tube liquid cold plate has the ability to cool both sides of the cold plate and the tubes are protected from the outside environment.
  • Copper/CuNi/Stainless tubes pressed into an aluminum plate
    • Proprietary channel locks tubes in
    • Thermal epoxy applied around tube to optimum thermal transfer
  • Customizable design, depending on need
    • Tube path
    • Manifolds
    • Connectors


Deep drilled cold plates have multiple cooling channels drilled directly through the length of the plate. Tubing is inserted and expanded to create secure metal-to-metal contact, optimizing the thermal transfer properties and providing double-sided cooling. To further enhance cooling performance, Turbulators can be added, which increase the flow velocity in the channels.

  • Allow for double-sided cooling
  • Optimizes thermal transfer
  • Turbulators can be added to enhance performance

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