We offer a wide range of custom thermal products for use in MRI, PET, X-ray, Mammogram, and Ultrasound equipment. Currently, heat pipes we designed and manufactured are providing thermal protection in Mammogram machines, and deep drilled cold plates are being used in MRI and PET.

Mammograms require more cooling than standard air-cooled heat sinks can provide. We have used heat pipe technology as part of our solution. Heat pipes are passive, two-phase heat transfer devices that offer highly effective thermal conductivity.  A heat pipe consists of an evacuated and sealed metal, round or flatten tube that contains a wick lining and a fluid (high purity water or alcohol). When in contact with heat the fluid evaporates, and as it moves to a cooler section of the pipe, the fluid condenses. The fluid is moved by capillary action from the wick lining and/or by gravity.

Embedded Heat Pipe

Copper Deep Drilled Cold Plate with Nickel Plating

For MRI and PET systems, deep drilled cold plates are an effective way to provide thermal management. The plates provide double-sided cooling through multiple cooling channels that drilled directly through the length of the plate. In addition, flow velocity in the channels can be increased with turbulators, which will further enhance cooling performance.

All of our solutions for healthcare are designed to not only meet the thermal need but also to be cost-effective.

Our top-notch engineering team thinks critically to design a solution that many of our competitors might not have considered. With the designs we currently manufacture, we employ multiple technologies and many times on the same part.

When choosing a thermal transfer option for their healthcare products, top medical imaging companies turn to KTK.