Over the last few months, we have heard it said again and again, “we are living in unprecedented times.” Manufacturers worried about the economy are juggling keeping employees safe and keeping essential production running. One survey from the National Association of Manufacturers showed, in early March, more than 50 percent of manufacturers anticipated a change in operations due to COVID-19 and 35.5 percent were already facing supply chain disruptions.

For manufacturers supplying critical products and equipment, supply chain disruptions are particularly worrisome. Dun and Brad Street reported that at least 51,000 companies globally have one or more direct suppliers in Wuhan, and at least 5 million companies around the world have one or more tier-two suppliers in the Wuhan region. As COVID-19 spread across the globe, more countries impacted by it are creating disruptions to the supply chains for US manufacturers. 

It will likely be a while before global supply chains are back to what they once were. Working with domestic manufacturers will help you minimize supply chain disruption. KTK Thermal Technologies’ custom thermal product and technologies have always been made in America. 

KTK is considered an essential manufacturer, supplying thermal solutions for the medial and defense industries, and is fully operational. If you are currently struggling with your supply of heat sinks, cold plates, heat frames and chassis, heat pipes, or other thermal solutions, let’s talk to see how we can help.