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KTK Thermal Technologies is proud to support new generation weapon systems for the U.S. Navy. KTK has delivered the first units of a cold plate for the Energy Magazine Prototype or EMP. The same technology will also be used on the High Energy Laser Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance or Helios.

The energy magazine employs state-of-the-art lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries or other solutions for energy storage and advanced controls for energy management. Such a system is capable of supplying energy to either the ship’s electrical distribution system or directly to a pulse weapon/sensor while accommodating peak power demands that the ship’s generators cannot provide or provide back-up power if a generator goes offline. During times of lower demand, the energy magazine is recharged from the ship’s electrical system.

This magazine of stored energy can also be used for other purposes when not being consumed by a weapon. It can power other systems like electronic countermeasures, a ship’s uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and even propulsion if the ship is equipped with some form of electric drive, enabling short durations of augmented power or periods of clean/silent propulsion with the prime movers offline.

The High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance, or HELIOS, provides the U.S. Navy with game-changing directed energy capability through integration of high energy laser and optical dazzler technology into the ship and combat system. More than just a high-energy laser, the HELIOS system’s multi-mission capabilities include long-range Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), and Counter UAS-mounted ISR (C-ISR) Dazzler.

The HELIOS system’s deep magazine, low cost per kill, speed of light delivery, and precision response enable it to address Fleet needs now, and its mature, scalable architecture supports increased laser power levels to counter additional threats in the future.