Electric vehicles (EV) have exploded in popularity driven by tightened global emissions regulations and increased environmental awareness. This growth is true for commercial vehicles, as well. For example, BloombergNEF estimates that by 2040, 80% of the global municipal bus fleet will be electric. But that doesn’t mean that gas or diesel vehicles will be scrapped and be replaced with new EVs. Current technology now allows for fleet vehicles to be converted.

A company that is making huge strides in turning fossil fuel dependent vehicles into EVs is Wrightspeed. Wrightspeed manufactures complete replacement powertrains with the power and range for heavy-duty local service, including delivery trucks, buses, and refuse trucks. Their powertrains combine the efficiency of pure EV’s, the range of a hybrid, and the superb reliability of turbomachinery. This adds up to lower emissions, less fuel consumption, and reduced noise.

The power train combines a powerful electric motor with a battery pack; however, its Fulcrum™ range-extending onboard generator keeps the vehicles running for the distances required by commercial trucks.


EV Batteries Get Hot and Need Thermal Management

The battery packs can generate a lot of heat, resulting from an exothermic chemical reaction. The more powerful a battery pack is, the more heat it will generate. To promote the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the battery and components, a thermal management solution is needed.

Wrightspeed and KTK Thermal worked together to design a cold plate that is lightweight and rugged and meets the demands of heat dissipation the battery requires. The distance the vehicle can travel without a recharge is impacted in part by the vehicle’s weight, so the heatsink was made from aluminum to minimize its weight. The heatsink also needed to withstand the large vehicle’s vibration while traveling on city streets with many stops and starts. So, a robust and proven reliable design was needed.

The result is a lightweight cold plate that reduces the battery temperature in extreme heat conditions to extend the battery life and lower maintenance costs.

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