Kevin, Gary, and Michael

As 2021 starts, it is time to reflect back on 2020 and think about the path forward from a very unusual year. When I wrote a similar letter last year everything looked normal. There were no indications of a virus affecting our day to day lives, or an explosion of unrest centered around inequity in the world. After a spring and summer like that it seems inevitable that the presidential elections would produce a level of dissension and mistrust not seen since the Civil War in this country.  So, the question is where to go in 2021.

At KTK we will be focusing on the basics — delivering quality products on time and with fair pricing. Our focus has always been on treating our employees, suppliers, and customers fairly and with respect. We will continue to live these values daily. Only by staying focused on these core values can we achieve the success that we need to in order to positively impact our employees and our community.

In our second full year of business, through these difficult times, KTK has been able to maintain profitability and continue to expand our capacity. I would like to thank our employees. KTK was classified as an essential business and our employees responded by showing up to work daily minimizing their risks of coming down with Covid-19. We only had one case in our company. It is a testament to our employees that a larger outbreak did not occur. As we recover from this pandemic other issues will challenge us going forward.

Cybersecurity is moving to the forefront of risks for companies in many industries. A few years ago, this would have ranked low on a list of priorities. In 2021 KTK will spend over $100,000 revamping our business systems to comply with Department of Defense regulations on cybersecurity.

As a company, and a society every year will bring challenges both known and unexpected. It is only by being open to ideas and learning from one another that we will continue to thrive as a company and a society.

I urge everyone to wear a mask and get vaccinated for Covid-19. Even if you are not convinced these tactics are 100% effective do it for the worker who serves your food or checks you out at the grocery store. It is a small price to pay for someone’s physical and mental wellbeing.

As I finish this letter I ask that you truly listen to people who have opinions and ideas that are in opposition to your own. It is only by finding a middle ground and by opening opportunities for all that everyone wins going forward.

Kevin M. Kreger