12 months. Sitting here writing this newsletter, 12 months seems like a long time. However, the last year has flown by since Michael, Gary, and I purchased Dau Thermal Solutions from the Miba Group in August 2018. The first few months were hectic, filled with the tasks that come with starting a new enterprise, but then it slowed down to the normal (?) pace of day to day business.

The transition from Dau to KTK went relatively smoothly. The fact that we were able to retain almost all our employees made this experience much less painful than it could have been. Throughout the year our employees have continued their high level of performance in quality and productivity. A big THANK YOU to all our employees on a job well done.

Our customers showed us the same loyalty as our employees. While some had questions about our business plan, we did not lose any customers throughout the transition. The continuation of sales to our current customers was key to making the first year successful. THANK YOU to all our customers for showing faith in KTK.

We have been fortunate that a strong order backlog in 2019 has enabled us to beat our first-year business plan. As usual all good news brings along complications. This increase in business had us scrambling to accelerate our planned equipment purchases. We have added 2 CNC milling machines, along with several infrastructure and quality assurance projects that will ensure we can continue to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect.

If you are reading this letter as a current customer, again thank you for your support. If you are reading this as a prospective customer, give us a call. See for yourself how KTK Thermal Technologies can help partner with you to satisfy your needs for thermal products or aerospace machining.

— Kevin Kreger
President of KTK Thermal Technologies